I will transform and run London effectively and efficiently like a seasoned CEO where everyone is thriving and smiling.
I will ensure free flow of ideas and policies without any party ideology and bias. For me, it is all about the people.
I will Champion London, strengthen business, competitiveness and investment across sectors. I will focus on making London greener, foster innovation and technology to make lives easier. I will not be afraid to make bold moves.
I will work tirelessly and selflessly for all communities across boroughs.
These are unprecedented and challenging times that require mature, steady and growth driven leadership. I have all the experience, gravitas and ability to be your preferred choice. With your support, as Mayor of London, I want to make it the Greatest City and bring back the smile, the pride and the mojo for all Londoners.
Some key policies:

Making London Safer For All

Getting London Moving

Levelling Up For Londoners

Strengthening London’s Communities

May I urge you to support my campaign as an independent candidate for Mayor of London, Kindly donate any amount that suits you please.
I am reaching out to you with a vision for London that is bold, ambitious, and entirely focused on the well-being of every Londoner. As a seasoned CEO, I am determined to transform our beloved city into a place where everyone thrives and smiles.
My approach is simple: put the people first, without any partisan ideologies or biases. It’s about ensuring that every Londoner has the opportunity to succeed and lead a fulfilling life.
I will champion London on every front. I will strengthen our businesses, enhance competitiveness, and attract investments across all sectors. But it doesn’t stop there. I am committed to making London greener, embracing innovation and technology to improve lives, and fearlessly making the bold moves necessary for progress.
My dedication will extend to every community, across every borough. These unprecedented times demand mature, steady, and growth-driven leadership. With your backing, I am ready to lead London to greatness.
Your contribution and donation is vital. Every donation, no matter the amount, will allow me to run my campaign effectively. I am confident of winning this election given the ground swell support building up for me as an independent candidate. Londoners are exhausted by unkept and broken promises made by politicians. Politics and Politicians have blurred the vision for London. As Mayor of London, I promise to build the Greatest City for all Londoners.
I will implement key policies such as:
I will Champion London from the front and redefine London’s pitch to the world. I will take steps to make London the Greatest City.
Together, we can make London safer, more prosperous, and more inclusive than ever before. Join me in this journey to bring back the smile, the pride, and the mojo for all Londoners.

Please donate any amount that suits you, and together, let’s make history.
Tarun Ghulati
Independent Candidate for Mayor of London


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