Independent Candidate
for Mayor of London

Policy Ideas

As Mayor of London, I will work tirelessly and selflessly for all Londoners. I want to hear from all communities about the issues impacting them. This is why I am engaging directly with communities and businesses across all sectors to work together to secure London's bright future.

Making London
Safe For All

Safety is paramount for our communities.
Londoners do not feel safe anywhere, anytime, anymore. Women feel unsafe. London has failed its youth with gang warfare spreading. Criminal exploitation of children is increasing.

Has the current Mayor of London forgotten he is responsible for the totality of policing?

Too many Londoners are impacted by crime. This must stop.

One life lost is one too many

Getting London Moving

This is hampering London’s economic growth,having been ranked as the most congested city in the world
The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is a disaster whilst Tubes, buses, roads are all clogged. The Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are not helping.

Is the current Mayor of London not aware his policies have brought London and Londoners to a standstill?

Costs have increased for Londoners and businesses with these policies and low-incomehouseholds are impacted. A total revamp is essential.

I will ensure the transport system is efficient, effective, fair and equitable for all.

Levelling up for Londoners

Around 25% of Londoners and over 33% of Children live in poverty,
This is shocking and totally unacceptable Children, women, people living with disabilities and long-term conditions, people from minority ethnic groups, lone parents and people who are socially excluded, such as rough sleepers and many others with low income levels are struggling to cope.

Has the current Mayor of London forgotten his moral responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of all Londoners?

This is a top priority London is broken.

I will bring back the smile for all Londoners.

London’s Communities

Communities are feeling isolated in London, there is a growing sense of social dislocation, inequalities created by poor policies have exacerbated the problem.
London feels like a lonely place to live for many, lack of adequate community facilities, work, skills and employment opportunities affecting many, lower engagement with families unsure of housing, volunteering by fewer people, not enough government or council funding, youth are leaving their communities.

Has the current Mayor of London not realised many of his policies have left communities struggling and made them insular?

Creating cohesiveness and bringing communities together is critical

I will work tirelessly and selflessly across communities and boroughs.

Championing London

The leadership and ambition to spearhead and develop sustainable prosperity and redefine London’s pitch to the world has been lacking.
London needs a Champion to continually showcase its unique strengths and sectors. The business ecosystem needs to be world leading and world beating. More Fortune 500 companies need to make London their Global Headquarters.

The current Mayor of London forgot he should have Championed London from the front?

London is a great city with so much offer to everyone. It is competing with other cities on many fronts. Needs to be showcased.

As London's champion I will not be afraid to make bold moves to secure our place as the best city in the world.


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