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Tarun Ghulati

Tarun Ghulati may soon become the first London Mayor of Indian origin after Rishi Sunak became the first UK Prime Minister with Indian roots.
Tarun Ghulati is a proud Hindu and takes pride in his roots having spent many years in India. Tarun is running as an Independent for Mayor of London and is widely expected to emerge as a front runner. He is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure London; his home for 20 years remains the leading Global City and all Londoners feel safe, secure and empowered with opportunities for growth.

Improving Wellbeing and living standards are critical for him. Tarun Ghulati strongly believes much more needs to be done for the low, and middle-income households across London. He is passionate and confident his unique levelling up ideas will see all Londoners smiling, buzzing with optimism, brimming with pride with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

Speaking with the reporters at Hyderabad, Mr. Ghulati said, “I am absolutely delighted to announce my candidature for the forthcoming London Mayor elections 2024 from India, my Janmabhoomi. I want to take advantage of synergistic opportunities across all the nations whose diaspora call London home. I will be visiting several nations to strengthen the living bridge that weaves the unique and beautiful fabric of London.

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To this aim, I can’t think of a better place than Hyderabad to kickstart my campaign. Hyderabad is a truly global, cosmopolitan and culturally rich city with a very robust Startup eco system. I am meeting the captains of the industry across India besides government ministers and officials. This morning I sought the divine blessings of Lord Balaji at Chilkur temple in Hyderabad.”
Tarun Ghulati

About Tarun Ghulati

Tarun Ghulati is Chairman, President, CEO, Board Member and Strategic Advisor. He is a visionary whose life’s work has been dedicated to crafting ingenious solutions for the intricate world of banking and financial services globally. His story is one of leading businesses from zero to one and transforming them to become industry leaders.
Tarun has managed established businesses at scale and created teams from scratch across continents. He’s a relentless mentor, tirelessly guiding and inspiring the next generation across a staggering 44 countries to date. His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, earning recognition from media outlets in more than 80 nations. But Tarun’s passion doesn’t stop there. He is a dream-weaver for startups and scale-ups, igniting their aspirations with a special focus on fueling growth in the United Kingdom, India, USA and other markets. What truly sets Tarun apart is his illustrious history.
Tarun Ghulati’s commitment to public service is ingrained in a legacy of unwavering dedication. His family heritage, steeped in service to society for over 140 years, sandwiched between three centuries, the 19th, 20th and 21st, serves as a guiding light.
Tarun’s father, a former Secretary to the Government of India, is a passionate advocate for uplifting farmers and promoting organic farming. His tireless efforts continue to have an indelible impact on several Indian States, as evidenced by the four reprints of his farmers working manual. Tarun’s paternal grandfather, an erudite scholar who studied in the UK in the early 1900’s, rose to become a senior civil servant in undivided India, later with the Republic of India leaving behind a profound legacy of public service. On his maternal side, his family’s contributions resonated across industries, including co-founding Punjab National Bank and other financial institutions. Instrumental in the establishment of Indian Associated Chamber of Commerce, the precursor, to the formation of the Federation of the Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. As politician, served as the Minister of Agriculture in pre-independent India.
With unwavering values of humility, respect, hard work, integrity, and trust instilled in him, Tarun Ghulati carries forward this legacy with fervor. As an independent candidate for the 2024 London Mayoral election, he draws upon nearly four decades of international leadership experience to guide London through unprecedented challenges. Viewing London as a unique global city, akin to the “Global Bank of the World” where diverse cultures converge to flourish, Tarun envisions it as the premier choice for investment, safeguarding safety and prosperity for all its residents. In the heart of Tarun Ghulati’s remarkable journey lies a profound connection between two worlds: his beloved birthplace, India, and London his current home for 20 years. It’s a connection that ignites a passionate commitment to London bridging these diverse landscapes. For Tarun, the unity between his “Janmabhoomi”, Birthplace, and “Karma Bhoomi”, Action place, is not just a notion; it’s a driving force. It’s the very essence of his mission–to elevate the vibrant city of London to its zenith.
As we dive into this narrative, we discover a resolute focus that goes beyond borders. Tarun’s vision extends to global networking, where he weaves a tapestry of connections that spans continents. He’s a torchbearer of financial literacy, equipping individuals to navigate the intricate world of finance and secure their economic well-being. But his mission doesn’t stop there. Tarun’s journey is one of community engagement, where he inspires active participation in development projects and philanthropic initiatives. He’s a catalyst for positive change, urging the younger generation to shape their communities for the better. At the heart of it all is his unwavering support for entrepreneurship, an unwavering belief in transforming ideas into thriving ventures. Tarun Ghulati aspires to rekindle the spirit, pride, and vibrancy of every Londoner. His vision extends far into the future, ensuring that the next generation is promised a bright and prosperous tomorrow.
In this tale of unity, commitment, and progress, Tarun’s journey emerges as a beacon of hope and promise. It’s a story that invites us all to be part of a brighter, more vibrant future for London and beyond.
In the chronicles of Tarun Ghulati’s leadership, there’s a unique quality that sets him apart his ability to bridge the generations. It’s a leadership style that goes beyond the confines of time, transcending generational boundaries to weave a tapestry of unity.
Imagine a leader who not only nurtures the fresh talents of tomorrow but also reveres the wisdom of the age’s past. Tarun’s mentorship knows no age limit; it’s a powerful force that fosters cooperation and exchange of knowledge. Within this story, there’s a commitment to dialogue across generations and communities, a dedication that champions unity and adaptability. He envisions a political landscape where the diverse needs of every generation find their rightful place.
Tarun embodies a unifying force, catalyzing positive change and progress that knows no political bounds. In the narrative of his leadership, we find an inspiring journey that encourages us all to embrace the strengths of each generation. It’s a story that reminds us that the future is brighter when the wisdom of the past and the promise of the future come together in harmony. In the grand tapestry of Tarun Ghulati’s life journey, he has traversed continents, leaving a trail of profound experiences across the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and the United Kingdom. His story takes us on a captivating adventure, filled with leadership and dedication. Tarun, an International Manager (IM) at HSBC, belonged to a truly elite cadre, a select few representing a mere 0.10% of the bank’s global workforce. With the world as his canvas, he led financial services endeavors that stretched across borders.
Tarun carried the weight of overseeing HSBC’s credit in 14 countries and operations in 15 countries from Hong Kong. But that was just the beginning. Tarun was the mastermind behind strategies that would launch retail banking and SME/Commercial banking ventures throughout the expansive landscape of Asia Pacific for HSBC. His influence extended leading HSBC Premier, with USD 40 billion in assets, and steering HSBC International Personal Banking from the UK to new horizons. The tale of Tarun’s career is interwoven with a monumental chapter–the USD 33 billion merger of Marine Midland Bank USA into HSBC Bank USA. And then, as CEO of UTI International Ltd, he carried the torch for the international business operations of India’s oldest and largest mutual fund company. But that wasn’t all. Tarun, as a non-executive Vice Chairman, led a bank to listing status. Yet, he isn’t just about personal success; it’s a story of mentorship and commitment to the next generation. As Chairman of the 21st Century Icon Awards, he has toiled tirelessly to uplift the lives and fortunes of budding entrepreneurs across 44 countries and beyond. As co-founder and co-chair of the India Startup Festival, he provides a launchpad for countless startups and scaleups in India, the UK, and various other nations. Regulation and oversight were part and parcel of Tarun’s journey, as he sat on over 40 boards, leaving an indelible mark on multiple industries. His influence extended to his role as a former Board Member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), UK, a cornerstone of the world’s largest nonprofit fostering entrepreneurship. And as a former Deputy Chairman and the longest-serving Committee Member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Asian Business Association.
Tarun Ghulati has been at the forefront of supporting businesses across the UK, India, and beyond. It was within these roles that he ensured businesses thrived and prospered. But there’s more to this narrative. Tarun’s commitment transcends borders and generations. He is also a Strategic Advisor to the Global Cyber Alliance, boasting United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultative Status. His mission: to eradicate cyber risks and enhance the interconnected world. Tarun Ghulati-a tale of a life dedicated to leadership, mentorship, and the relentless pursuit of making the world a better place. His influence knows no bounds, leaving an indelible mark on industries, nations, and generations to come.
Furthermore, the story of Tarun’s influence is one that defies geographical limits, reaching across borders and bridging continents through the powerful network he’s woven. At the core of his narrative is a steadfast commitment to financial literacy. Tarun’s mission is to empower individuals, enabling them to navigate the intricate world of finance, ultimately securing their financial wellbeing. But his journey goes beyond the realm of numbers. It’s a tale of community engagement, where he inspires active participation in development projects and philanthropic initiatives. Here, he becomes a guiding light for the younger generation, encouraging them to take the reins and shape their communities with a positive touch.
And then there’s his resolute support for entrepreneurship, a relentless belief in the power of innovation. He provides not just guidance but the resources and financial backing to transform ideas into thriving ventures. His impacting and inspirational, journey is a testament to the transformative potential of individuals who bridge divides, empower others, and ignite innovation on a global scale. It’s a saga that invites everyone in London to be part of a world where opportunities know no bounds.
The geopolitical, economic, social, technological and environmental landscape is changing rapidly in ways we are yet to fully comprehend. Tarun wants to transform London by engaging with Londeners and utilize resources effectively and efficiently to ensure transformational and visible change. Tarun Ghulati has the same passion for public service as his forebears. He is standing as an independent candidate to become the next Mayor of London because this will allow for ensuring free flow of ideas and policies without any party ideology and bias. Tarun is keen that party lines do not blur the vision for London and Londoners. It is all about the people and everyone for him and not about politics. It is in London where people and cultures from all over the world blend, thrive and grow. These are unprecedented and challenging times, that require mature, steady and growth driven leadership. Tarun will ensure London also becomes the first choice for investment ensuring safety and prosperity for all. Tarun wants to make London the Greatest City and bring back the smile, the pride and the mojo for all Londoners.
Tarun Ghulati’s journey stands as a shining testament to his unwavering commitment to public service and his exceptional gift for uniting generations, nations, and a wealth of diverse talents. His visionary outlook paints a picture of a future brimming with hope, promise, and boundless potential. As a beacon of leadership, London will indeed find itself longing for his stewardship as Mayor, for his dedication inspires the kind of progress that leaves no one behind.

Champions Group Honors London Mayoral Candidate Tarun Ghulati


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