Parliamentary Candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster, Reform UK



London is ranked the best City in the world and is a proud Global City.
As Mayor of London, I am determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that London, my chosen home for 20 years, retains its place as the leading Global City and that all Londoners feel safe, secure and empowered with opportunities for growth.
This position, however, masks the fact that around 2.2 million Londoners continue to live in poverty.

This is why improving wellbeing and living standards are critical for me. I strongly believe much more needs to be done for the low- and middle-income households across London. I am passionate about reinvigorating optimism
and pride for these families and believe this can be achieved through my proposals to level up across the city.

My family heritage, is steeped in service to society for over 140 years, sandwiched between three centuries, the 19th, 20th and 21st.This serves as my guiding light.
My life’s work has been dedicated to crafting innovative solutions in banking and financial services worldwide.
I have worked tirelessly for community engagement, inspiring active participation in development projects and philanthropic initiatives in London and internationally.

I have worked very closely with the next generation and have supported opportunities in 44 countries to date. I am a catalyst for positive change and will urge the younger generation to shape their communities for the better.

At the heart of all this is my unwavering support for entrepreneurship, alongside a formidable belief in transforming ideas into thriving ventures. I aspire to rekindle the spirit, pride, and vibrancy of every Londoner. My vision extends far into the future, ensuring that the next generation is promised a bright and prosperous future.

I am committed to unity and progress. I invite every Londoner to be part of a brighter future for the city that we call home.

Under my leadership, we will together build a thriving London, do away with barriers for growth and ensure the safety of all its citizens. I envision a landscape where we set aside political and other differences to ensure the diverse needs of every generation and every community are met.

I embody a unifying force, positive change and progress that is not confined by party politics. I have worked across continents and will bring synergistic opportunities across all the nations whose diaspora call London home.

The geopolitical, economic, social, technological and environmental landscape is changing rapidly in ways we are yet to fully comprehend. I want to transform London by engaging with Londoners and utilise resources effectively and efficiently to ensure transformational and tangible change.

I am standing as an independent candidate to become the next Mayor of London because I want to encourage the free flow of ideas and policies without party ideology and bias.

London’s vision should not be blurred by party lines.

London is about the people not the politics.

London is where people and cultures from all over the world blend, thrive and grow.

These are unprecedented and challenging times, that require mature, steady and growth driven leadership. As the Mayor of London, I will ensure London becomes the first choice for investment to ensure safety and prosperity for all. I want to make London the Greatest City and bring back the smile, the pride, and the mojo for all Londoners.

My journey stands as a testament for unwavering commitment to public service and exceptional ability for uniting people to achieve success.
My vision paints a picture of a future brimming with hope, promise, and boundless potential. London has waited too long for a Mayor whose dedication inspires the kind of progress that leaves no one behind and brings back the smile for all Londoners.

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